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Utilizing our 20+ years of knowledge gathered & feedback from drivers all over the nation, Warrior 1G Shocks Services was born in 2013, so that we could offer even more detailed information and support for our customer base. We offer shock packages that are tailored to the needs of your Warrior chassis by the people who built it and know its needs better than anyone. But, we also offer our services to ANY driver in the country - no matter what brand of chassis you may have! Our experienced shock department can build you a package to fit the needs of your driving style or race track because no two drivers drive the same & no two tracks are built the same.

We also offer shocks for a wide variety of racing classes - not just late models, so if you feel like you are not getting the best customer service or products, no matter what your racing you can give us a try! Offering new product sales from Integra, AFCO, and Fox shocks, as well as full repair & service centers for all brands!!!

Warrior Race Cars Shock Service Prices:

$10.00 - Shock ran on dyno to check setting & visual inspection for any damaged parts.

$55.00 - Shock ran on dyno to check setting, visual inspection for any damaged part, disassembled, shimmed & ran on dyno again.

$75.00 - Shock ran on dyno, visual inspection, disassembled shimmed, New oil, ran on dyno again.

*** Any new parts outside of what is listed in the above pricing will be added onto the above prices.

*** Each shock that we build new, repair, or run on the dyno will come with a dyno sheet, so the customer knows what the shock is for future reference.

Warrior Race Cars / Goddard Performance Parts
2010 John Sevier Hwy Knoxville, TN 37820
(865) 310-1762 /

Just some of our shock customers that have found victory lane!!!

Rusty Ballenger
3-Time Winner in 2016

Matt Tharp
2-Time Winner in 2016

Michael Courtney
4-Time Winner in 2016

Russell Fleeman

1-Time Winner in 2016

Kyle Courtney
5-Time Winner in 2016

Jed Emert
8-Time Winner in 2016

Jonathan Miracle
5-Time Winner in 2016
Tazewell Sportsman Track Champion!

Trevor Sise

10-Time Winner in 2016

Clyde Overholt
6-Time Winner in 2016

Philip Thompson

2-Time Winner in 2016

Zach Sise
2-Time Winner in 2016

Brad Coffey
2-Time Winner in 2016

Brad Seagle
5-Time Winner in 2016

Dakotah Knuckles
2-Time Winner in 2016

Danny Shelliam
1-Time Winner in 2016



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